Got to go back


When I was a young boy back in Orangefield
Used to look out my classroom window and dream
And go home and listen to Ray say
‚I Believed to My Soul‘, after school

Ah, that love that was within me
You know it carried me through
Well it lifted me up, it did fill me
Meditation contemplation too

Got to go back, we’ve got to go back
Got to go back, got to go back
For the healing go on with the dreaming

All these people in the street
And the summer is almost here
Got to go outside in the fresh air
And walk while it’s still clear

Breathe it in all the way down
To your stomach too
And breathe it out with a radiance
Into the night time air

Got my ticket at the airport
Well I guess I’ve been marking time
I’ve been living in another country
That operates along entirely different lines

Keep me away from porter or whiskey
Don’t play anything sentimental, it’ll make me cry
Got to go now my friend
Is there really any need to ask why

I guess we’ve got to go back

Van Morrison


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